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Summer commission is open~~~ XD (only 2 slots for now though)
Slot 1: :iconstarcailer:
Slot 2: :iconerebun:
(ok I'll try to make this as short as possible)
  • I can draw: Fanart, OC, Shounen-ai/shoujo-ai, r-18 stuff 
  • I can't draw: heavy mecha.
  You can take a look at my gallery to know what i usually draw, and ask me when commissioning. When asking me about commission, you should include enough info so I can tell you the price and whether I can draw it, to save communicating time.
   * by Kittyrocker Portrait (chest-up): 25-40$ 
   * by Kittyrocker Thigh-up: 45-80$ 
   * by Kittyrocker Fullbody: 80-120$ 
  Adding more characters into the pic, you'll have a discount for each. Maximum 4 chars/pic, and discount only apply to thigh-up (35-75$) and fullbody (70-110$)
  Samples of my recent work:
  Dragon's treasure by Taro-K  Commission: black and white by Taro-K    ValiantForce entry(full pic) by Taro-K  Symon Kain by Taro-KNarcissus love by Taro-K  
  * by Kittyrocker FULL BACKGROUND commission: price varies from 150$ to 350$, but it's usually around 250$.
 Outting by Taro-K
Attack on bread by Taro-K   Seaside gathering by Taro-K  A butterfly's visit by Taro-K   Dark alley by Taro-K   Angel prison by Taro-K   Autumn ride by Taro-K   Drunk encounter by Taro-K
  Personal justice by Taro-K   Waves of emotion by Taro-K   Death of youth by Taro-K   Commission: the gamer by Taro-K  Stranger crush by Taro-K
  Trapped by your own demon by Taro-K   Commission: Deep sea merman by Taro-K
The prices for headshot, thigh-up and fullbody is the same as Digital comm. You can ask me to add flowers, animals, leaves and such. No full background option available for this style. And please note that no shipping the actual piece included either. I'll only provide you a high quality scan that have been carefully editted to make the best picture possible. Below are some example:
   Fishbone no.1 by Taro-K  

  Fishbone no.3 by Taro-K   From the head to the heart by Taro-K   Greenery by Taro-K   Naked dream by Taro-K   Bad partner-2 by Taro-K  Ocean boy by Taro-K

I accept payment via paypal only. (no points, sorry :( (Sad) )
How to comm:
Send me a note (if you have a DA account), or an email to this address, with the title"COMMISSION". This note(email) should have you name/acc name, the character name(s) the type of commission you want, a specific pose and facial expression(depending on difficulty i might charge more), the type of BG you want, brief description and ref pics.
After that, I'll send you a note/email to confirm the order, this one will include the price and my paypal address.
I'll start working as soon as I receive the full payment. (I have trust issues with clients who refuse to pay).

Further note: When commissioning me, you can tell me to fix the drawing if necessary. I'll do it for free if i happen to miss something from the ref pics. However, if it is a change of character design or pose, I will charge more depending on the situation.
Also, please pay attention when making transaction, this is a digital commision (even for the watercolor style), that means no shipping included, so make sure you choose the right paying option in paypal

OK that's it for now, thank you for your supporting guys~
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Tabanei Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Id like to commission you,  sending note! 
Taro-K Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, the slots are actually full now (i just updated my journal) But since you're early as well, I'll make one more slot available for you ^^ Just note me with the description for your comm, and thank you for your support! 
Tabanei Featured By Owner Edited 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I actually noted you early as well omg! ;; /
And I'm so glad I get to be early, Thank you so much for the chance!

Also sorry for the lack on information since I was in a hurry to fill up
WhiteHeights Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Professional Photographer
i adore your art work! Especially your BGs. I'm going to email you now. Hopefully i can get your attention :D
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